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Understanding Parental Rights & Responsibilities (Custody) & Child Support

Putting Parents In Charge

At , we believe that parents are better equipped to understand the needs of their children than the court. If they are willing to work together, parents can also often create a more creative parenting plan than the court. Whether you have filed for divorce or are pursuing prelitigation divorce mediation, we can guide you through negotiations of decision-making and residential responsibility, as well as child support. This approach is also mindful of your time and money.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Child support is more straightforward due to New Hampshire’s child support guidelines, which factor in each party’s income. The courts generally rely on these guidelines when fashioning child support obligations. Sometimes, in shared parenting situations, the court will order reduced child support to account for sharing the children’s expenses.

Offering Creative Solutions

In New Hampshire, the courts generally favor joint parenting approaches in both decision-making and residential responsibility. This generally means that each parent will spend a few days of every week with their child, while alternating weekends. Alternating weeks is another option.

If one parent’s work schedule cannot accommodate shared parenting, there are several options. Even without residential responsibility, a parent might share in decision-making over a child. Shared parenting is often not possible because of the geographic distance between parents.

Learn More About Child Custody And Child Support Options

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