Navigating Life’s Legal Transitions

Whether you are preparing for changes to your family, business operations or estate plan, Schwartzberg Law strives for a smart and cost-effective resolution.

Many people think that when a divorce is finalized, there is no chance to change any part of the divorce decree. This is not true. It may be possible to change an existing order. At Schwartzberg Law, we assist clients in post-divorce modifications of parenting plans, child support and alimony.

When Is Modification Appropriate?

In general, whenever there is a substantial change in circumstances for an individual affected by a divorce decree (generally an ex-spouse or child), a modification may be warranted. The following are some examples of these circumstances:

  • Substantial increase or decrease in income
  • Loss of job
  • Illness
  • Remarriage of ex-spouse
  • Change in financial needs of ex-spouse or child

The court will also entertain petitions to modify child support every three years without showing of a substantial change in circumstances.

At Schwartzberg Law, we help clients modify their divorce decrees so their lives are accurately represented. We guide clients through the legal steps of a divorce modification to ensure their needs are being met.

We understand what is required when requesting a modification from the court. If your circumstances have changed, schedule an initial consultation with us to discuss your modification options. Our office is conveniently located in Plymouth, and you may contact us online or call 603-536-2700.