Mindful Legal Representation

Achieving Efficient Resolutions

With over 33 years of experience, Schwartzberg Law understands how to aggressively litigate a case. We also know how to take quick action to protect our clients, as in domestic violence situations. Yet in other types of disputes, litigation may not be the most productive approach. When opposing parties are willing to work together with their attorneys to negotiate a settlement agreement, they can often save time and unnecessary expense.


Maximizing Your Legal Options Before You File

With our extensive background in Mediation and Collaborative Law, we understand how to achieve efficient and practical resolutions to your family law, business or estate planning issue, often making it unnecessary to resort to litigation. To learn about our attorneys' backgrounds and how they work, click the links below:

Before you file with the court, we recommend a consultation with us to explore all of your legal options. This mindful approach can be remarkably efficient.