Navigating Life’s Legal Transitions

Whether you are preparing for changes to your family, business operations or estate plan, Schwartzberg Law strives for a smart and cost-effective resolution.

Estate Planning is More Than Just Death Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning involves more than creating a will with instructions about how to distribute your property after you die. Proper planning can also serve you well, when you are alive.

Although a simple will with a durable power of attorney may be appropriate for some people, a more sophisticated estate plan often involves the creation of a Revocable Living Trust which provides a mechanism for your property to be managed, in the event of your incapacity, and also allows your heirs to seamlessly inherit your property without court intervention (probate).

Our attorneys also may be able to assist in protecting your assets or the inherited or gifted assets you provide for your children, from creditors or divorce. Also sophisticated estate planning can limit your exposure to government taxation.

Plan Ahead for Peace of Mind

Having a properly drafted estate plan will give you “peace of mind”. Our clients tell us that “peace of mind” is the most valuable commodity that we provide.