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Protecting The Rights Of Unmarried Couples In New Hampshire

Many couples in New Hampshire choose to live together, have children, buy property and make a life together without getting married. It is important to realize that the law does not provide these couples with the same rights that it does married couples. To make sure you and your family are protected, you should talk to an experienced attorney about creating a cohabitation agreement.

At Schwartzberg Law, our lawyers help clients create cohabitation agreements that define each partner’s rights and responsibilities toward each other and their children, if necessary. With more than 33 years of experience, attorney Ora Schwartzberg has the ability to work with unmarried couples to understand their goals and create documents designed to help them achieve those goals.

Why Are Cohabitation Agreements Important?

Simply put, unmarried couples do not have the same legal rights and privileges that married couples have. Therefore, unmarried couples have to take the initiative. They have to take steps to give themselves rights contractually that the state does not provide.

Our attorneys draft comprehensive cohabitation agreements that are tailored to each couple’s needs. The agreements that they create can answer questions like:

  • What happens if one of you becomes incapacitated? Who makes end-of-life decisions?
  • What happens to property and debt if the relationship ends?
  • What should the child custody arrangements be if the relationship ends?
  • How should an inheritance by one partner be handled?

We Can Help Create An Agreement that Serves Your Best Interests

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