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Privacy Statement

Ora Schwartzberg, Attorney-at-Law, PC
(AKA) Schwartzberg Law
Legacy Strategies, PLLC

The following “Privacy Statement” is provided to ALL clients of the firm.

This firm may collect a variety of personal information from and/or thru various normal business practices while engaged on your behalf

These might include the following:

  • Personal information provided by you from client intake forms;
  • Private information directly related to legal representation, court filings, various interviews of associated parties, reports from third party(ies) experts;
  • health and financial information may also be disclosed to us as related to your representation of yourself in these matters.

This firm, under no circumstances, sells nor trades any personal information to any data brokers: we will only divulge personal information as required in the representation of your and your interest as required by NH laws, court requirements and under certain specific U.S. laws.

The firm maintains electronic files as well as “paper” files. All electronic files are maintained by in-house systems and our internal server systems. We maintain an encrypted file system, updated VPN service and machine software to guard against being hacked. Our connectivity is thru a direct fiber optic network connected to the internet “backbone.”

The firm does process credit card payments thru a direct payment vendor without retention of credit card data. The firm does not maintain your credit card information with only some exceptions — with your direct knowledge and approval.

As noted, the firm also maintains paper records. The information, forms, documents (scanned and/or copied) is controlled in organized filing systems preventing intermingling of data with other clients. Upon closing of your “case,” files are organized uniquely to the client, not intermingle with other clients and stored on-site in a locked environment with no access from without the building. We do maintain records, at the minimum, as required by courts, various applicable NH laws, oversight regulatory bodies and other legal obligations as may be required.

The firm makes every possible effort beyond these stated goals acting within best business practices cognizant of safeguarding:

  • Personal identifiers
  • Personal information categories
  • Protected classification characteristics
  • Commercial information
  • Biometric information
  • Internet network activities
  • Geolocation data
  • Sensory data
  • Professional or employment information
  • Non-public educational information (specifically related to any/all minors}

And, nor will the firm provide profile data, psychological trends, predispositions, behavior — aptitudes — abilities ~ intelligence or any other data that is defined as sensitive personal information.

Updated: January 1, 2023