Overview Of Family Law & Estate Planning

Ora SchwartzbergIn the past 33 years, Schwartzberg Law has guided hundreds of clients through divorces. With our thorough understanding of New Hampshire family laws, we are adept at advising couples of their choices and options. We also have the experience to offer recommendations in related issues that may arise in a divorce, such as the impact upon your estate plans or business ownership interests. We will also work with you if your financial or work circumstances require a post-divorce modification request to the court.

Guiding You Through Estate Planning Options

Most people know how they would like to protect their property in life and in death, but don't know how to choose the legal instruments for achieving their goals. We educate you about the many available options, including wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts, nonprobate assets and lifetime gifting. Together, we will come up with a plan that reflects your values and transfers your property to your loved ones while protecting you from the IRS, creditors or unintended asset transfers.

Saving You Time And Money

In New Hampshire, a divorce requires a legal determination from the parties of several key issues, including an equitable distribution of the marital estate, spousal support, and child custody and support, if applicable. However, the court does not require its involvement during the negotiations. In fact, most courts welcome settlement proposals from the parties in the interest of judicial economy.

Taking A Mindful Approach To Divorce

Disagreements may arise at any point in divorce negotiations, over issues ranging from asset valuation to parenting plans. We have provided dedicated advocacy in both amicable and contentious proceedings, as well as divorces requiring both minimal and maximum involvement from the court. We have also represented couples of all backgrounds, including same-sex families, as well as couples with cohabitation agreements or prenuptial agreements. Our experience has taught us that many couples prefer to save themselves the time, cost and emotional upset of a courtroom battle through a negotiated settlement agreement. We call this approach "mindful divorce."

Mindfulness, as we describe in our book, refers to a realistic view that acknowledges the law, each party's objectives and their litigation hazards. When the parties are prepared to work together, as in divorce mediation, much can be accomplished. This does not mean that we do not rely on outside professionals. In the interest of providing the parties with the complete information they need to negotiate their positions, our mediation may include consultations with financial analysts, private investigators, child psychologists and other professionals.

Contact An Efficient Family Law And Estate Planning Attorney

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